The Academy

About us

Who we are

Established in 2009, the Windham Learning Tree Academy, LLC was founded by Tara Perrotti, a preschool teacher and director with more than 25+ years of experience in early childhood education, as well as a mother of two.

In a safe and healthy learning environment, Windham Learning Tree Academy provides children a curriculum that is individualized and builds on the self-confidence and self-esteem that are vital to a child’s overall success in school. Our teaching staff is knowledgeable, certified and most importantly respectful of each child as and individual, including their unique learning styles.

The Academy encourages parent involvement at school and at home, and works together with parents and the community to provide our earliest learners with an experience that is fun, nurturing, creative and positive.

Nurturing child development in an enriching, creative and high-quality learning environment.

Our Philosophy

The Windham Learning Tree Academy believes that children are growing physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. We believe in an individualized and well-balanced program that builds on each individual child’s self-esteem and self-confidence in a safe, healthy quality learning environment.

The Windham Learning Tree Academy curriculum is carefully planned and then integrated into the classroom through a thematic approach and offers learning activities that are relevant, concrete age appropriate and real. We strive to expose children to a variety of enrichment programs including culture and foreign language, culinary arts, music, physical fitness, nutrition and much more that enhance their learning experience.

We value and support our teaching staff and feel that they are the key to a quality program. We carefully choose qualified educators that are well rounded and foster an enthusiasm and education specifically in early childhood development.

We recognize the importance of connecting school and home and offer many opportunities for parents and families to participate and be a part of our program and their child’s educational experience.

We assess and evaluate each child and our program as a whole continually and adapt the program as needed.

We acknowledge and support the diversity of the school community and strive to offer programs that meet each family’s individual needs.

Your child is our focus.

Expert People

Our teachers

Tara Perrotti

Founder & Company Director

Kailey Dimando

Lead Early Pre-K 1

Lynah Gangi

Program Coordinator/ Lead CKC Teacher

Learning academy

Our School

The Academy was built with all the modern amenities today’s family seeks in education, but with a warmth and personal touch that preschoolers and kindergarten students need to foster their social and psychological development. Each of our classrooms includes a variety of learning centers that encourage exploration, curiousity and questions about the curriculum areas. Our outdoor play area includes traditional play equipment that encourages creativity, as well as more modern pieces that maximize student potential for physical growth.

The Academy security policy includes strict adhearence to state and local regulations, as well as our own criteria to ensure student safety. Our main entrance always remains securely locked when students are in the building. Entrance by buzzer is supervised by Academy staff, and only parents and authorized caregivers are permitted entry into the classroom areas. All other visitors are required to make appointments with the Director and are only allowed to enter Administrative Staff areas.

At the Windham Learning Tree Academy, your child will be able to explore the world of learning in a safe, nurturing environment that you, as a parent, can feel confident about.


About Our Daily Program


The Academy offers small group, large group, teacher-directed and child-directed activities designed to foster development in the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Activities are varied to foster the developmental needs and interests of the children in the classroom.

Hands-on Experience

Children are encouraged to communicate and interact with each other and teachers. We help foster this through many hands-on experiences where children learn by doing. Children participate in regular classroom tasks and special projects to help promote the hands-on experiences that encourage their development.

Learning Centers

There are a choice of learning centers in each classroom and outdoors, including those for science, art, dramatic play, language arts and mathematics. Every child has the opportunity to participate in every learning center, especially those that most capture their interests and foster the opportunity for exploration and learning.