All children enrolled at the Academy participate in a variety of specialty program activities designed to enhance their learning experience. Every program is developed by experienced professionals and is guided by the Director and Teachers in the classroom.

International Language & Culture

Recognizing the internationalization of the world in which we live, the Academy offers students the opportunity to be exposed to other languages in cultures in a way that encourages children to become socially sensitive, flexible, adaptable and curious.

Multiple language exposure at a young age is shown to increase creativity, raise self-esteem and positively effect memory and listening skills. Language instruction at the Academy is lead by Mrs. Cozzone, a native speaker and teacher of the Italian language, and Lead Teacher in the Pre-K classroom. She introduces students to the Italian language through activities, books and songs, as well as exposure to language elements of other cultures.

Exposure to International cultures and traditions is adapted to match the needs of the classroom, but will include customs from Europe and Asia as well as American traditions. Families of Academy students are encouraged to offer exposure to the culture and traditions celebrated in their homes by contacting the Director.

 Physical Fitness

Children are naturally active and enjoy the excitement that a physical fitness program brings to their classroom. Working with professional Exercise Physiologist and child instructor Jen Lemieux, students at the Academy learn about sports and exercise, team participation and making healthy decisions.
Activities include team sports such as soccer, baseball and golf, as well as individual sports like hopscotch, hula hoop and aerobics. Every activity is carefully supervised and taught at an age-appropriate level in a manner that is safe and non-competitive.

Cooking & Nutrition

Children have a natural curiosity about food and a need to understand the health benefits of eating well. At the Academy, we believe in using the student’s natural curiosity to build a foundation for a life of healthy living through experimentation with and understanding of food.
Working with health professionals the Academy provides students with instruction about making healthy choices in their diets, and the enjoyment that eating a balanced diet can bring.

Through the assistance of professional chefs, children at the Academy learn the fun in preparing foods themselves (with the assistance of adults), as well as the reward of eating their creations.