Constructive Kids Club Program

Program Requirements: Children must be in a Kindergarten, First, Second or Third Grade school program. Transportation to and from the Academy and the school program is available, please contact us for details and to arrange your schedule.

Class Times: 7:00am until school start; 3:00 – 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Program Goals

The Academy addresses the before- and after-school program needs of older, school-aged children with our customized Constructive Kids Club. Offering safe transportation between the Academy and the child’s school, we begin by providing a secure and nuturing environment where children can enjoy their before- or after-school hours with our highly trained and specialized staff of licensed teachers and other children interested in a fun, learning-oriented environment.

Students in the program will work together with their teachers to “construct” their own daily schedule and routine of activities through problem-solving, brainstorming, creative thinking and group cooperation.

Program Schedule & Themes

Before-school Program
Children in the morning program will be provided with time and space to complete any last homework assignments, or allowed to enjoy creative free play in our age-appropriate themed centers. They will then be safely transported to school buses when it is time to leave for their school day.

After-school Program
After being safely transported from the school bus to the Academy, students will be provided with a healthy snack and time in our new outdoor playground to release their energy from a day in school. Free play will be permitted, as well as offering group activities to encourage team-building and cooperation.

Homework & Reading
Since most children will have homework and reading requirements, the Academy’s program first focuses on the educational needs of the student group. Certified teachers will be available for homework help each day during the allotted homework block, and reading will be emphasized and encouraged with both student’s books and items from the Academy’s own libraries.

Structured Activities
While students in the Program will have the opportunity to construct their own desired schedule and activities, it is the Academy’s view that placing structure and education around these chosen activities is the best way to encourage learning in a fun and child-directed environment. Activities will include age-appropriate instruction from our standard specialty programs such as nutrition, fine arts, music, poetry, yoga and dance, as well as activities designed for older groups such as writing workshops, journaling and pottery.

Your child is our focus.
As with all of our programs, at the Academy, your child is our focus. We want your child to have fun and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Our programs are customized and adaptable to needs of the students and the group, and we will always work with you and your child to ensure that everyone’s experience at the Academy is positive and enjoyable.